QQI Level 5 Activities of Living Patient Care

The purpose of this QQI Level 5 Activities of Living Patient Care course is to equip you with the knowledge, skills and competence to provide holistic care for older people in a variety of care settings working under the direction and supervision of nursing and/or midwifery

Who Should Attend?

The module is aimed at learners who wish to fulfil the role of Activities Coordinator.

Course Programme:‚Äč

  • Discuss a range of work practices in the provision of individualised holistic care for clients to include knowledge of the factors influencing the activities of living
  • Analyse the activities of living to include the five main concepts of the model of living and the role of a healthcare assistant in utilising the activities of living
  • Summarise the principles of maintaining a safe and hygienic environment to include knowledge of infection, accident, fire and problems with sensory deprivation
  • Implement a range of tasks carried out when caring for a patient in a safe environment to include effective communication skills
  • Employ the skills of a healthcare assistant in providing care for patients to include an awareness of the importance of nutrition, elimination, fluid balance, weight reporting and correct technique for catheter bag use
  • Practise skills involved in pressure area care, personal hygiene, foot care, patient temperature, mobilisation and urinalysis
  • Demonstrate competence in a range of care techniques to include observations, manual and electronic counting, recording and reporting of pulse rate, breathing habit and blood pressure
  • Work independently and as part of a healthcare team to respond appropriately to the needs of a client in a care setting.

Assessment Structure

  • Project 40%
  • Skills Demonstration 60%

Course Delivery: Distance Learning

How distance learning works:

As our learner, you will be issued with a username and password which allows you to log-in to your course anywhere you have an internet connection and at any time. This allows you to complete the course at a time and pace that suits your individual needs. You will have access to the course materials plus support documents and useful links and video clips. All course materials can be printed if you prefer a paper copy. In addition, you will have access to tutor support through phone, email and via an online forum.

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