QQI Level 5 Communications (for Healthcare)

The purpose of the Communications course online is to develop the skills needed to enable you to understand the principles of communication, and to develop skills to convey and interpret communicative messages in writing, orally and visually.

You will acquire communication skills necessary for personal and professional development and understand the role of technology in modern communication and its application in personal and vocational life.

Who Should Attend?

Our Communications course will cater for a variety of adult learners ranging from school leavers with no previous experience in the healthcare sector to more mature adults with relevant life or work experience. Some of the latter will have previously had some education and training in healthcare. More mature adults will frequently be seeking new career opportunities, be working in the home or currently working in the healthcare sector. These will tend to opt for the part-time learning route to achieving the award.

Course Programme:‚Äč

  • Communications theory
  • The importance of effective communication skills
  • Listening behaviours
  • Communication techniques for personal and professional scenarios
  • Effective participation in formal meetings
  • Efficient reading practices
  • Media communication
  • Non verbal communication techniques
  • Body language
  • The role of perception in the communication process
  • Visual aids as a communicative device
  • Communication and information technology
  • Relevant legislation e.g. Freedom of Information Act

Assessment Structure

  • Collection of Work (50%)
  • Skills Demonstration (50%)

Course Delivery: Distance Learning

How distance learning works:

As our learner, you will be issued with a username and password which allows you to log-in to your course anywhere you have an internet connection and at any time. This allows you to complete the course at a time and pace that suits your individual needs. You will have access to the course materials plus support documents and useful links and video clips. All course materials can be printed if you prefer a paper copy. In addition, you will have access to tutor support through phone, email, and via an online forum.

Our QQI Accredited Healthcare Programmes are delivered in association with Chevron Training, an accredited QQI Provider.